Susanne Lusk

Here is the story of Suzy, one of the most surprising in the series.

Suzy was  dreamy, withdrawn girl born into an upper-class family and had no siblings. she was first filmed at her boarding school and, from there, her parents pretty much had her whole education sorted out. Suzy was the only person in the whole series who looked at “colored” people as different from white people. she said herself that she had never met a colored person and she never wanted to.

So here we have the stereotypical snobby upper class girl, but it gets worse

At 14, her parents had divorced.  she had retained that same dreamy, withdrawn atmosphere, but we start to see the icy tendrils of depression taking hold. she seemed quite shy and found the show to be pointless and stupid.

By the time she was 16  she had left school and moved to Paris. here is where her life hits its bottom. at 21, her depression had reached its peak and showed itself in the form of a box of cigarettes and an obviously distressed facial expression. Her existence appeared to be devoid of reason and she had developed some very strong, negative opinions on marriage, probably as a result of her parent’s divorce.

but what goes down must come up [at least in this case].

28 up doesn’t show us the Suzy that we know, the Suzy that we see here is married, without the box of cigarettes or any remaining sign of her previous state of mind. Her husband, Robert Dewey, was a solicitor from Bath and seemed to have completely changed Suzy’s negative views and opinions and given her a reason to live. They lived in a cottage in the country [which Suzie refereed to as “small”] her and Robert had three kids, but one unfortunately had “special” needs, and she was struggling with that

when Suzy was 35 she had been blessed by yet another child, and her marriage was still holding strong. she was still struggling with her mentally disabled child but despite that, she was happy with her life.

From this point Suzy continued to live a good life and she became a Bereavement Councillor. So if you are ever suffering from deppression, think of Suzy and how she turned out.


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