Tony Walker

At seven, Tony was a  young [obviously], energetic, and somewhat violent young boy with an active, vibrant personality. even from such a young age, his persistent and Perseverant attitude became quite  obvious. he lived and went to school in the east end of London [the poor area]and wanted to be a jockey.

At 14, he had lost his energetic atmosphere and had become withdrawn and quiet, but he  was stable training to be a jockey. we find that his back-up career plan was to be a taxi driver.

Unfortunately he didn’t make it as a jockey and at 21 we see him doing ‘the knowledge’ [a test about the streets of London in preparation to becoming a taxi driver]. he had regained his energetic  atmosphere, but had also started gambling [which isn’t the best thing to when you are just starting adulthood]. he was filmed in a bad-looking area of London because the interviewer, Michael Apted, thought that in the future he would end up as a thief.

Luckily this didn’t happen, and 1n 28 up we see him happily married with 2 kids. while he was happy with his career as a taxi driver we find that he was taking acting lessons, when asked why he said that his philosophy is “not keeping still” and that he anted to try something new.

When 35 rolls around things don’t look too good for Tony’s marriage, Tony had been unfaithful to his wife and he was lazy around the house, the main thing keeping the family together were the kids. The death of his parents had impacted tony profoundly, and Debbie had been good friends with Tony’s mother.

At 42 tony and his family moved to Essex , where tony admitted to cheating on his wife. As you can imagine, this strained his relationship with his wife even more,  but forgiveness found its way to him and the family decided to work out their problems together.

When 49 came to pass we see a massive change in the relationship between husband and wife. they had sorted out their differences and disagreements and were happily living together. Tony seemed quite similar to himself at seven, but he had taken a step up from the east end of London, the family now owned 2 large houses in Essex and a holiday home in Spain, and he was starting to get the first of his grandchildren.

This is as far as we know, but my guess is that at 56 he will stay very much the same, still happy with life and his and his family, but only time will tell.


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