The Issues Raised by the Up Series

So here we have it, a brief overview of a small part of the Up series, but what can be learned from this series. we see a lot of  different issues come into play in these people lives.but how can these issues be avoided, be counteracted.

Depression, for example. we saw the effects of this on the lives of Nick, Suzy, and Neil, who felt it the worst of all. It enticed him to drop out of university and eventually it had him hitchhiking around the mountains of Scotland. It was only when Bruce [another subject of the show] took Neil under his wing and gave him some stability that Neil started to recover, and even now you can still see the aftermath of it.

As for Suzy, at 21 she was chain smoking and not in the best frame of mind, and then, a mere seven years later, we see her happily married with no remaining sign of depression.

Now what is that pivot point at which Suzy turned her life around that Neil didnt seem to find? To the best of our knowledge, that pivot point was her marriage. Unfortunately, I doubt that Neil will find a wife because of his age,  and because of how serious his depression was in previous years I dont think he will ever fully recover from it, but we can always hope.

Once again, this has only been a small portion of the bigger picture, so I encourage you to watch the show and address these issues yourself.


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